Sterile Isopropyl Alcohol


Sterile Isopropyl Alcohol
70% USP

  • Elimination of ambient air extending sterilityto 90 days once opened
  • No contamination due to accident or lack of protocol
  • Compliance with OSHA legal documentation requirements
  • Compliance with USP797, no refilling of bottle

Closed VS Open Sterile IPA Systems

Why settle for self contaminating product? Sterile IPA is an investment in USP797 compliance.

Traditional spray trigger bottles of sterile IPA are considered an open system. They allow you to spray liquid out in exchange for pulling in outside air. The alcohol is now contaminated with the outside air and is only as sterile as that environment was.

Our closed system does not allow for any oustide air to come into contact with the liquid stored in the spray bottles. The inner bag simply collapses as it is sprayed out keeping the isopropyl alcohol completely sterile from first drop until last spray. This closed spray system protects your investment and the sterility of your clean room. There are other alcohols on the market and we share many similarities to them. But Truecare BiomedixUSA is your only source of closed system sterile IPA in the United States.*

*To the best of our knowledge of products available currently in the United States


  • Sterile, Pyrogen-free
  • Refined through a 0.22 micron filter
  • Gamma Sterilized to 10-6
  • Double Bagged
  • Lot numbers and expiration dates
  • Certificates of Assurance and Sterility
  • Closed System