About TrueCare Biomedix

The Way We See It

Just because the product is premium, does not mean the price has to be.


We set out to design and manufacture high-quality, specialty infusion products with cost-effective pricing, and with a competitive advantage - our collective, hands-on industry experience has enabled us to develop significant enhancements to the vast majority of our products.


We work with distributors that have a strong regional presence and sales professionals who understand the infusion industry.


Our manufacturing operations are based in China in facilities that meet ISO 13485 standards.
premium quality iv products

Commitment to Quality

Uncompromising criteria, rigorous testing and steadfast compliance come standard.


All components are manufactured in facilities that meet ISO 13485 standards


Each batch of components examined and approved prior to release for assembly

Our Mission

At TrueCare Biomedix, we aim to deliver products for the infusion therapy sector that help ease stress on healthcare professionals and improve patient experience and outcomes. We pride ourselves on providing dependable products and efficient service to our customers, every time.

Our Vision

TrueCare Biomedix seeks to lead the infusion sector in achieving the highest level of care for patients in acute, non-acute, and animal health fields.

Our Values

These are the core 3 values that we live by.

They are the underlining pillars that when fillled, will help us ensure we are on track to achieve our mission. They ultimately connect us with our customers and act as a guide for how we conduct our business.

Quality With

We prioritize the quality of our products, while making sure that they remain affordable for our customers.

Innovation Through

Our collective industry experience enables us to develop signicant enhancements to our products, giving us a competitive advantage in the market.

Partnership and

We work closely with distributors and sales professionals who share our commitment to providing high-quality products at cost effective prices.

TrueCare Biomedix

Our manufacturing operations are based in China in facilities that meet ISO 13485 standards

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