Cleanroom Supplies

TrueCare cleanroom supplies are sterile and Pyrogen-Free. We conduct particulate testing and strictly adhere to ISO standards to ensure safety, sterilization, and comfort.

Sterile Isopropyl Alcohol Wipers

Product Code: TCBWALC30

Our sterile isopropyl alcohol wipers are 70% saturated and are low linting. Composed of a 55/45 cellulose blend, each 9" x 9" wiper is 65gsm, with 30 wipers per zip pack, and 24 packs per case.

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Sterile Cleanroom Wipers

Product Code: TCBWIP

Our sterile cleanroom wipers are sterile gamma irradiated to a 10-6 sterility assurance level.

Sterile Lab Gowns

Product Code: TCBA40ST

Our sterile SMS 40gsm weight white anti-static treated cleanroom gowns are designed for non-hazardous drug compounding.

Sterile Cleanroom Coverall

Product Code: TCBACV54ST

Our Sterile Cleanroom Coverall, composed of 60gsm weight antistatic material, is designed to meet USP 800 requirements. one piece per sterile bag and 20 bags per case

Sterile Lab Gowns for Hazardous Drug Compounding

Product Code: TCBA54ST

Our Sterile Cleanroom Gown is disposable and composed of 52gsm weight anti-static material designed to meet USP 800 requirements.

TrueCare Biomedix

Our manufacturing operations are based in China in facilities that meet ISO 13485 standards

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